OncoTect HPV E6 E7 mRNA Test System

The IncellDx HPV E6/E7 mRNA Test-'Revolutionizing healthcare one cell at a time':

  • ✔ IncellDx is a molecular diagnostics company dedicated to revolutionizing healthcare one cell at a time. By combining molecular diagnostics with high throughput cellular analysis, we focus on critical life threatening diseases such as HIV/AIDs, HPV/Cervical Cancer, Hepatitis, organ transplant infections, breast cancer and ovarian cancer.
  •  Our proprietary diagnostic method provides specific molecular details about each and every cell.
  •  This technology now made available through IncellDx, is capable of revolutionizing the field of molecular diagnostics, one cell at a time.

‘NEW’-On January 8, 2013 IncellDx scientists presented data using IncellDx’s proprietary OncoBreast 3Dx™ technology to multiplexprotein markers for tumor type (E-cadherin) and ER status, markers for her-2 neu protein and mRNA as well as DNA cell cycle and ploidy,all in intact tumor cells in suspension.