premedic handyscan

PRIMEDIC HANDYSCAN – The Mobile Ultrasound Device for Emergency Medicine :

Despite our highly sophisticated emergency rescue systems, abdominal trauma is always a major challenge for physicians and the whole medical team when called to accidents. Failure to identify massive abdominal bleeding already at the scene of the accident is a significant factor in the early lethality of poly-traumatized patients.

The PRIMEDIC™ HandyScan mobile ultrasound scanner was developed in close cooperation with experienced emergency doctors, especially for use by the emergency services. It uses a more powerful digital sensor, which allows for a higher resolution display of images and greater depth of penetration. The HandyScan gives you the fields of application you would expect from a digital convex ultrasound scanner.

  •  5-inch TFT LCD
  • ✔ 256 grey shades
  • ✔ Memory up to 200 images
  •  Image Zoom Capabilities
  •  Automatic Detection of Probe Frequency
  • ✔ Can be used with different probes
  •  2-kg weight